Cervical cancer or cervical cancer | The most frightening specter for women

Cancer Cervix's

Cancer Cervical or cancer of the cervix (often also called cervical cancer) is one of the most common cancer for women. Every one hour, one woman died in Indonesia due to cervical cancer or cervical cancer this. The facts show that millions of women in the world are infected with H P V, which is considered a disease through sexual intercourse most common in the world.
In Indonesia, every one hour,  
one woman died of cervical cancer
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this infection is a major risk factor for cervical cancer. Every year, hundreds of thousands of cases of H P V are diagnosed in the world and thousands of women died of cervical cancer, caused by the infection. Given the fact that this horrible, the various measures of prevention and treatment have been made ​​to address cervical cancer or cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer occur in the reproductive organs of a woman. The cervix is the narrow section at the bottom between the vagina and uterus of a woman. In part this is happening place and the growth of cervical cancer. What causes cervical cancer or cervical cancer? How do I prevent it? And how to handle it if it is infected with H P V?

H P V 

Cervical cancer caused by H P V infection (human papilloma virus) or human papilloma virus. H P V  causes warts in men and women, including genital warts, called condylomata akuminatum. Only a few of the hundreds of variants of H P V  that can cause cancer. Serviks cancer or cervical cancer can occur if there is an infection that does not heal for a long time. In contrast, most H P V  infections will go away, overcome by the immune system.

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