Asbestos causes mesothelioma, in Indonesia are still many who do not understand the dangers & Causes

Rarely do people realize that the roof is often used form of asbestos was very dangerous to the health of residents, although about asbestos this country - other countries like in Japan, the United States, including countries in Europe since the 80's already banned asbestos as people use their roofs , because of the danger posed to the use of asbestos

But in Indonesia only in part the small people who know that asbestos is dangerous even be the source of the onset of lung disease - pulmonary. Responding to the danger of asbestos is the Head of Regional Management Board area Living (BPLHD) of West Java, Setiawan Wangsa Atmaja after attending the Workshop Dissemination Asbestos Waste Management of West Java Province, Bandung, on Thursday (07/10/2010) Indonesia threatened disaster revealed that the explosion of asbestos on 10-20 years. This was disclosed Setiawan Wangsa Atmaja From the experience of the UK and the Netherlands, experienced an explosion of asbestosis after 20 years of their use of asbestos.

As a result of the community will be an explosion of asbestos disease asbestosis complications such as damage to lung tissue is complicated by tuberculosis. According setiawan, in Indonesia there are 28 industries that expressed as a user of asbestos to be used as the main raw material production process.

For the West Java province, said BPOM, Cibinong and Bekasi area into the industrial area in West Java which use asbestos as the main raw material for the production process.

About the dangers of this asbestos health experts (I T E N A S) Environmental Engineering National Institute of Technology, July Ir.Soemirat say that asbestos is a flexible building material and heat-resistant, does not evaporate, acid resistant and not easily destroyed
in nature, this material is often used for automobiles, stoves, roofs, ceilings, coatings, and electrical wiring, so if you get in on the human body or the lungs can settle and stick in the lungs and then damage the lungs due to the nature of asbestos that can not be destroyed by the body will continue to settle in the lungs lung.

and communities in Indonesia are many who do not know the main cause of mesothelioma asbestos hazards,

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