The Cancer mesothelioma& Immune System


Tumor antigen
Antigens are foreign substances that are known and are the targets to be destroyed by the immune system. Antigen found on the surface of all cells, but under normal circumstances, a person's immune system does not react to the cell itself.

If a cell becomes malignant, the new antigen (which is not recognized by the immune system) appears in the cell surface. The immune system may recognize new antigens, called tumor antigens, as foreign and can transport or destroy cancer cells. But well-functioning immune system was not always able to destroy all cancer cells.

Tumor antigens have been found in some types of cancer, IE malignant melanoma, bone cancer (asceticism) and some gastrointestinal cancers. Cancer patients have antibodies against tumor antigens. Antigens usually do not spend enough immune response to cancer control. It seems that the antibodies are not capable of destroying cancerous and sometimes even stimulate growth.

Antigens are released into the blood vessel by some cancers can be found in the blood examination. This antigen is Sometimes Called the tumor markers (tumor markers). Tumor markers are more widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. For example blood tests can help clarify whether or not an effective cancer treatment. If tumor markers are no longer found in blood samples, the possibility of treatment has been Successful. If the tumor markers disappear and then reappear, the possibility of cancer has relapsed

Antigens Carson embryonic (Carcinoembryonik antigen, C E A) is a tumor antigen that is found in the blood of patients with colon cancer, breast, pancreas, bladder, ovary or cervix. High levels of antigen can also be found in heavy cigarette smokers and patients with liver cirrhosis or ulcerates colitis. Therefore high levels of C E A do not necessarily indicate the presence of cancer. Measurement of C E Levels in someone who has been undergoing treatment for cancer, would help to know the recurrence of cancer.

Alpha-veto protein (AF) is normally produced by liver cells, found in the blood of patients with liver cancer (hepatic). A F P is often found in patients with ovarian cancer or cancer of the testicles particular and in children and young adults who suffer from pituitary gland tumors.

Beta-human chronic gonadotropin (?-H C G) is a hormone produced during pregnancy, which is the basis for prenatal care.
This hormone is also found in women who have cancer that originates in the placenta and in men who suffer from scrotal cancer. ?-H C G is a highly sensitive tumor marker. Its use in monitoring the effects of the treatment has helped improve the cure rates of this cancer until more than 95%.

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