Mesothelioma lung cancer in Indonesia is increasing every year

Mesothelioma news
The number of sufferers of mesothelioma lung cancer in Indonesia is very high. It is seen from a variety of cancer and the the data published by both the government and cancer agencies.
Even According to the WHO in 2020 will be a spike in Cancer Patients in Indonesia up to seven times. Number of Cancer Patients Died WHO were also more alarming.
For lung cancer mesothelioma, also very high numbers. Every year no less than 15 000 cases of mesothelioma lung cancer Occurred in Indonesia. That makes lung cancer the disease known as No. 1 killer of men in Indonesia.
Label was not excessive Because every day in Indonesia from 40 men diagnosed with lung cancer, 20 of whom Died of cervical cancer.
High incidence of lung cancer and mesothelioma in Indonesia to WHO puts Indonesia as the country with the the number of sufferers of mesothelioma lung cancer in the world.
While breast cancer, a disease with most cases of mesothelioma second after lung cancer. Breast Cancer Patients in Indonesia in 2004 (as quoted by Indonesia Health Profile 2008) as many as 5207 cases.
A year later in 2005, the number of breast cancer Patients Increased to 7850 cases. In 2006, breast cancer Patients Increased to 8328 cases in 2007 and as many as 8277cases.
I need to know the the the data is a breast cancer patient's Hospitalization CAME out with acancer diagnosis. So breast cancer is actually very much Greater Likely.
Liver cancer is also a type of cancer in many Patients. Liver Cancer Patients Generally men are. Liver cancer is a type of cancer with a number of people in the worldnumber five and number three cause of death.
The large number of Cancer Patients in a country usually associated with a number of people with hepatitis. Because most hepatitis Patients with Potentially leading to liver cancer.While in children, leukemia is a type of cancer most commonly attacked. Orblood leukemia cancer ranked the highest cases of cancer in children Because of the weaknessof childhood cancer treatment.
Not surprisingly for blood cancer cases in children are found, Generally Entered have an advanced stage. Delayed Treatment for Patients with blood cancer can be fatal and cancause death. Generally, people with blood cancer found in children under the age of 15years.
For areas with most cancer Patients are in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. In daeerah, thetumor prevalence rate reached 9.6 per 1000 people. The number is much higher thanthe national average prevalence of 4.3 per 1,000 people.
While diseases if compared with non-cancer Deaths That cause, cancer ranks seventh.Data in Health Research Association in 2010, putting stroke, tuberculosis, hypertensive, injuries, the perinatal and diabetes on the number of cancer Deaths.
The large number of Cancer Patients in Indonesia Could this actually be reduced if youget a healthy life. As a diligent exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, avoiding foods made from preservatives and avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
above is to help Reduced the risk of mesothelioma. Do it now and the results you can enjoyfor life
But if you are already Suffering from cancer, there was nothing else to do but did.Mesothelioma cancer of treatment next ... help
related mesothelioma support groups kumara Indonesia org
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Strawberries can be used to prevent the mesothelioma symptoms

Ancestors of Indonesia have inherited the ability to use and blend nutritious plants into medicines that are beneficial to the health of one of them the fruit of this one Strawberries are a fruit that has sour and sweet taste when consumed. Fruit Strawberries have a very bright red color blush. It was a very unique pieces that one make much-loved by many. Strawberries have vitamin C content is high enough.
several studies have shown that strawberries can be used as alternative medicine in curing cancer.

antioxsidans amount of strawberries in bladder recorded the highest score. Where antioxidants are compounds that can protect body cells from damage by cancer materials. The way work is with antioxidants that can prevent or interfere leading to the formation of cancer cells. Both the specific substances in strawberries and strawberry itself appeared to have anti-cancer properties. In an attempt to extract the strawberries by the U.S. Department of Agrirculture, the extract showed a large effect on the inhibition of cell growth of cervical cancer and breast cancer cells mesothelioma lawyers. Some studies also showed that there ellagik acid in strawberries can inhibit cancer of the lung, esophagus, breast, skin, and liver cancer caused by chemical digestion. In experiments with breast cancer cells, can inhibit the growth ellagik acid to 45 percent. Kuercetin present in strawberries may also inhibit the growth of prostate cancer and breast cancer.
Inhibition of cell cycle
In cancer, there is a failure in the control of cell division cycle. Where the cells undergo rapid division and continuous, in this flavonoid works by inhibiting the abnormal cell division cycle (cancer).
how to use it is very easy just made strawberry juice drink 2 times a day

Given the scientific research in Indonesia is still small, it is possible that in the future will be found other active substances contained in a strawberry that can better explain how this herb can destroy cancer quickly and thoroughly.
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